“After a long and frustrating search for a child-friendly piano teacher able to gently yet steadily teach our children piano, we finally found Robyn!  It has been years now, and I can recommend Robyn without any reservation.  We are very happy with what out kids have accomplished with her, and they continue to enjoy her a great deal.”


“Robyn makes the most of her half hour lessons, combining technique, musicianship and theory. She incorporates games and improvisation as well as ear training and sight reading. She offers <the student> guidance about how to practice effectively, and helps her prepare for recital performances. She never “talks down” but offers clear explanations and instructions. As a teacher myself (now a science educator, but I have taught piano!) I appreciate the thought and care that goes into Robyn’s lessons. She pays attention to my daughter’s interests, strengths and weaknesses, and gives us the guidance we need to practice at home. I recommend Robyn wholeheartedly as a piano and music teacher.”
– Sandra Eix