Robyn Jacob has been teaching music for ten years, and has completed a Bachelor of Music degree at the University of British Columbia. She has also completed all levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music, including her ARCT in Teaching and in Performance, and is a trained Music for Young Children teacher. Robyn is actively engaged in the music community, and performs regularly with her avant garde songwriting project Only A Visitor. She has also studied Balinese Gamelan music, and has toured Bali with the Vancouver based ensemble Gamelan Gita Asmara. Currently, she performs with her own Gamelan ensemble called Gamelan Bike Bike. Robyn has also facilitated free-improvisation workshops with the collective Sound Out Loud, and often volunteers with community organizations such as Girls Rock Camp. When she is not teaching, composing, performing, jamming, or going to shows, Robyn enjoys cycling, cooking, hiking, visual arts, literature, and DIY culture.

Robyn’s studio is located at Venables St and Woodland St, in East Vancouver.